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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

Keeping the maintenance up on a tennis court is really no different to buying a new car or having a swimming pool, if you leave the maintenance too long, irreparable damage can be done and it can be very costly to bring the surface back to how it should be, this is with both the playability of the surface and also the appearance. The way a hard court and a synthetic grass tennis court are maintained are very different however the costs per year for each are similar. Once again think of it as maintaining your car or swimming pool, a valuable asset that requires looking after to give you years of trouble free service.

Other Issues Beside Tennis Court Maintenance

A synthetic grass tennis court that is regularly maintained will last 15 to 20 years and sometimes even longer, however without maintenance, the court service may have to be replaced in 6 – 8 years. Some of the other factors besides maintenance are:

Professional Tennis Court Maintenance

The key to keeping your synthetic grass court looking great over its life is having the surface maintained by a specialist tennis court servicing company to service the court on a regular basis. Normally this is every 6 – 12 months over the life of the court, if you think back to owning a nice car and the importance of having it regularly maintained the same applies with your tennis court. Sportzing is one of the companies that have been servicing Australian tennis courts for over 25 years.

The Specialist maintenance

This servicing requires specialist machines and expert knowledge on tennis court maintenance. This service will remove any build-up of mould and algae that might be present in the mat, de-compact the surface to bring back an even play across the court and also maintain the correct level of sand on the surface. A good rule of thumb is the sand should sit just below the tips of the fibres, approximately 1-2 mm below the fiber tips. This allows for an even ball bounce across the court and also ensures the sand won’t wear the actual tips of the fibres as in the case of over sanding.

Tennis Court Owner’s Maintenance

How can you maintain your tennis court?

Aside from a professional service from a tennis court servicing company there are other things the tennis court owner can do to ensure a great looking and playing court. Keep leaves and debris off the court. This will depend on where the court is situated and how many trees are nearby. Leaves if left on the court for a long period of time can cause tannin stains from the leaves and makes it difficult to play on. The Aussie clean sweep is a good piece of equipment to easily drag around the court and pickup leaves, nuts and debris that may have landed onto the surface. It is okay to lightly use a leaf blower provided care is taken not to blow sand off the court.

Remember, like your car and pool, regular maintenance will keep your tennis court looking and playing great for many years into the future.

Pressure washing a tennis court

Using high pressure water cleaner to clean a synthetic grass tennis court will damage the fibres and the joins of the synthetic grass. Do not under any circumstances use a pressure washer to clean your synthetic grass court.

We have seen many tennis court destroyed this way and often the only remedy is full surface replacement.